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European Design Diesel Road Sweeper with Ce
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European Design Diesel Road Sweeper with CE

Introduction of European Design Diesel Road Sweeper with CE

1900A fuel powered multifunctional cleaning sweeping vehicle is one of the leading diesel road sweeper from China both from the beautiful appearance and flexible operation with high quality. It is driven by a diesel engine, all operations are completed by the hydraulic transmission. Side brushes are placed in both sides and the vacuum part are arranged under the middle part of the driving room. Road sweeper suction system for circulating air reverse blowing structure, part of the air flow is exhausted after the bag filter, when the cleaning operation will not produce the secondary pollution of dust wind.

Specification of European Design Diesel Road Sweeper with CE
1, sweeping and cleaning.
- sweep the floor
Sweep the floor, by the main brush + side brush constitutes a sweeping module, brush speed of the brush is controlled by electro-hydraulic proportional hydraulic valve, stepless regulation through the instrument control knob.
- two filter, special suction leaves
Double fan, constitute a "vacuum suction module" and "two filter of the leaf filter". For difficult to clean the dead ends, the device can be used to "hand suction hose" manual removal.
- dust collection
Garbage from the entrance into the garbage tank, and then start the hydraulic pump to dump the garbage.
-- walking and steering, braking system
Walking steering system using micro full hydraulic steering device operation and import mechanical brake and hydraulic drive automatic braking efficiency with brake and hydraulic continuously variable transmission (CVT) system, by the two-way stepless variable pump and the wheel side motor driven, machine operation is portable and flexible. While maintaining card on the driving and parking brake safety.
2. High pressure atomization and other configurations.
- atomization of water drop dust
High pressure pump will be water atomization to reduce the "dust" caused by sweeping vehicle operations, to protect the drivers and pedestrians from the two pollution.
- - - - - - - - to - - - - -
Unique middle Bi articulated configuration makes the back frame to be distorted and with the cleaning requirements to the left and right turning direction, steering operation, flexible turning radius is small, easy to cleaning narrow space, especially the corner cleaning;
- equipped with air conditioning and heating structure
Allocation of the national patent protection of the cab top setting air conditioner evaporator assembly, air conditioning for overhead structure from the upper air outlet, heater is installed at the bottom of the structure from the bottom out of the wind, the summer and winter can enjoy a comfortable environment.
Key components
Key components: walking hydraulic pump, brush hydraulic motor, hydraulic valves, brakes, hydraulic hose, suction telescopic corrugated, seals, hydraulic system filter gear pumps and motors, the central power distribution boxes are used imported configuration to ensure the reliability of the machine.
3, electric control
Using digital circuit control, the operation is simple, there is only one button can be used to clean and close the operation.
-- high definition touch screen + MCU (core)
Using the self-developed, with patented technology sweeper special MCU; reversing radar screen, real-time monitoring of the reversing process. And it can play multimedia data, mainstream support inserted (SD, USB interface, access cab CD player
- headlights, indicator lamps, spotlights are near by LED, energy saving and environmental protection.
4, the other.
A, cab front windshield and rear on both sides of the panoramic glass structure, after the door design;
All glass are the use of the new products - glass explosion-proof membrane; advantages: bullet proof, anti burglary theft, high rate of heat insulation, prevent ultraviolet ray, sunscreen, glass broken, harm reduction, noise barrier, quiet and comfortable, energy saving and environmental protection.
B, water tank, hydraulic oil tank, diesel tank are used rotational molding manufacturing process, light weight, has good corrosion resistance, has a long service life, not only beautiful appearance also reduces the weight of the whole machine.

Main Parameter of European Design Diesel Road Sweeper with CE
  Model HW-1900A
1 Cleaning Width(mm) 1900
2 Maximum cleaning efficiency(/h) 11400
3 Cleaning efficiency 90
4 Load (kg) 400
5 Sweeping speed(km/h) 0-10
6 Running Speed (km/h) 0-16
7 Climbing ability(%) 20
8 Minimum turning diameter (mm) 4000
9 Drive System 4×2 front wheel drive
10 Wheel Base(mm) 1210
11 Drive mode Hydrostatic transmission stepless speed change
12 Electrical System Components Drive System circuit and control system circuit
System Voltage(V) 12
Battery Capacity(Ah) 70
13 Hydraulic tank capacity (L)  
35 (total system oil 50)
14 Steering System Articulated vehicle steering
Steering gear Full hydraulic steering gear
Steering mechanism Steering cylinder between front and rear frame
15 Dustbin volume (L) 500
16 Water tank capacity(m3) 130
17 Fuel tank capacity(L) 46
Fuel Oil Consumption(L/h) 2
18 Brush Diameter(mm) Φ650
Disc Brush Diameter(mm) φ420
Dip angle adjustment Forerake 4~6°,Extraversion 2~5°
19 Air conditioner evaporator assembly (w) Overhead A/C and heating 800W
20 Maximum gross weight(kg) 1505
Vehicle weight(kg) 1000
 21 Dimension(LxWxH) (mm) 3080*1160*1950
Engine Parameter
Brand Perkins, England
Engine mode 403D-11
Engine form Inline three cylinder, four stroke, water cooling